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Monti al WSJ, un passaggio chiave

Dell’intervista di Monti al Wall Street Journal, che trovate per intero qua, questo mi sembra un passaggio chiave. Che dimostra, tra l’altro, la finezza politica dell’uomo. 

Namely, for Germany, economics is still a part of moral philosophy. In the sense that they make a much stronger correlation between the moral virtue of economic behavior and the good or poor results of a country as a whole. The way to penetrate, productively, the German frame of policy-making—rather than urging them as was done over the decades through the locomotive theory to expand their deficit of the public sector in order to generate a higher dynamism of the German economy, thereby helping other EU member states through exports to Germany to increase their growth—I think we should urge the Germans to go the full extent into their virtuous notions of the social market economy. The more Germany goes fully in that direction-for example liberalizing more than is the case today their domestic services market-the more they’ll achieve growth from the supply side, which will then allow other member states to export more to Germany.

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